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DataSurfer Suite

For each end-user site, the licence is unlimited in time, and valid for a given number of simultaneous users. Total licence price depends on the requested configuration mix.
User Profile Price exc. VAT
per User
Administrator/Developer   € 800.00
LAN User  € 200.00
Web connection ("thread" in Web Engine) € 100.00


Price of a configuration mix containing 1 Administrator/Developer station + 4 LAN stations + 5 simultaneous Web connections:
800 + 4x200 + 5x100 = € 2 100 exc. VAT.

Configuration rules

  • Each site must contain at least one Administrator/Developer station.
  • If Web connections are required, there must be 5 of them at least.

Upgrade rules

  • The licence is valid for all versions of generation 5.xx (aka « DataSurfer 2016 »). Updates within this generation are free.
  • Owners of generation 5 licences will benefit from a 50% discount when upgrading to generation 6.xx (with the same configuration).


PUser Profile Price exc. VAT
 GeoSurfer plugin  € 150.00
per User (LAN or Web)
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