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DataSurfer Suite: Giving Meaning to your Data
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DataSurfer Suite is a business intelligence tool intended for small and medium-sized companies. In both cases of on-the-fly queries and periodical statistics, DataSurfer Suite can give meaning to your data and  produce relevant responses with renderings fit for each situation.

A comprehensive tool

DataSurfer Suite implements in a single tool all the business intelligence functions, from data extraction to transformation, display, file ouput, and circulation of the response via e-mail or Internet.
DataSurfer Suite can also feed and manage a data warehouse using automation jobs, thus allowing the user to build up a sustainable information capital.

DataSurfer Suite offers a double architecture: client-server on Windows platforms and Web/Intranet. This way, it suits all operating situations.

Its groupware functions can define user profiles and give access rights to features, data and other resources.

Easy to use

DataSurfer Suite gives priority to users' freedom and self-sufficency. Its user interface was designed to grant operating productivity and speed up training.

The design wizard can generate a report within a few clicks, giving responses to the most complex questions. Subsequently, the retouching tool allows the user to customize data rendering, just by clicking on the document displayed on the screen.

The report viewer can display paper-like documents as well as data grids or multi-dimensional analyses ("hypercubes"). It also allows the user to navigate through data just by clicking on hyperlinks ("data surfing").


DataSurfer Suite offers a pragmatic approach to business intelligence. It's a flexible tool, with light administration constraints. It can produce reports with data extracted from the data warehouse as well as from the operating databases.

End users are never faced with any abstruse concept! Each user has his own workspace, customized according to his profile, showing intuitive commands.

Using DataSurfer Suite, information is available at any time, without calling any computer specialist. This allows managers to fully control the decision process with the needed reactivity.

Thanks to automation jobs, repeatable tasks can be automated, thus reducing risks of errors.


DataSurfer Suite is a generic tool, adaptable to each data model. The data dictionary simplifies the data model and makes it readable by end users by introducing the technical terms of their profession. It is multilingual. It supports inheritance and can be freely enhanced by end users.

Other tools and concepts (models, templates, style sheets, etc) are used to define layout and rendering standards customized for each user.

Intended to be embedded in application software

From the start, DataSurfer Suite was designed to be distributed through application software publishers. Its programming interface allows developers to integrate business intelligence features inside their applications.

DataSurfer Suite also contains specific features enabling its deployment integrated to the application software installer.

As part of an OEM contract, DataSurfer Suite can be supplied as a white label product. A personality editor allows software publishers to customize its appearance to their own visual identity standards.

Integrating the DataSurfer Suite technology into application software gives publishers both an increase of sales and a competitive advantage.



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