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Using PDF In-The-Box or ALl In-The-Box

Pricing, Licence, Updates, Payment, Delivery 

D'autres questions? Vous n'avez qu'à nous les poser ! Nous sommes à votre disposition pour y répondre. Vous pouvez utiliser le français ou l'anglais.


Which operating systems are supported?

PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box run on all Microsoft Windows platforms (32- and 64-bit platforms, in Win32 mode) starting from Windows XP.

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Which development tools are supported?

PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box can be used with any development tool running on Microsoft Windows (in Win32 mode). Depending on your development tool, you've to select the right API.

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Which API suits me best?

Both PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box offer three programming interfaces called ActiveX, Delphi and DLL. They are functionally equivalent.

If you're programming in Delphi, preferably use the Delphi API. It's a VCL-based programming interface, supporting Delphi (in Win32 mode): versions 7, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8.

If not, you've the choice between the ActiveX and the DLL APIs. All development tools can call DLLs, and most of them can integrate ActiveX controls. The ActiveX API is easier and more pleasant to use, that's why it's selected by most of our customers.

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Does PDF In-The-Box / ALL In-The-Box require a run-time licence?

No! You need a licence for each developer computer only, i.e. each computer used to design applications or websites using PDF In-The-Box or ALL In-The-Box . Deploying or distributing your applications to end-user computers is royalty-free!

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Must I install a printer driver on end-user computer?

No! PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box are not virtual printer drivers. They're development tools.

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Can this tool load and modify an existing PDF file?

No. PDF In-The-Box can create new PDF files only. It can't load and transform existing files.

ALL In-The-Box cannot load existing PDF fiels either, but it can save its own generated documents to files (encoded in a proprietary format) then reload these files for various purposes.

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Must Adobe Reader® be installed to generate PDF files?

No. PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box write native PDF format. They don't need Adobe Reader® or any third-party software to generate PDF files.

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Can PDF In-The-Box or ALL In-The-Box display, print or modify an existing PDF file?

Well, the answer is not so simple. PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box do offer methods called ShowDoc and PrintDoc, capable of displaying and printing a PDF file (either generated by our tool or not). However, it must be clear that these methods just calls Adobe Reader® (supposed to be installed on the computer in that case), passing to it the concerned file name. The file will be displayed or printed by Adobe Reader®. This process will open a separate window without any programmatic control, to be subsequently closed by the user.

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What's Synactis' policy concerning updates?

 It's very simple:

  • All minor updates are free: as soon as a minor update is released, you can freely download it from our website.
  • Special upgrade conditions are offered for major updates.

Major updates are defined by the first digit of the version number.

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Can I pay in US Dollars?

Of course you can! When clicking the Order link in the online store, you get a form requesting you to select a currency. All currencies can be selected: the price will be immediately displayed in your currency.

You can also quickly convert a specific amount to your currency by clicking one of the links How much does it cost in your currency? displayed on that page.

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I prefer not use a credit card, how can I pay?

Our credit card transactions are processed by SWREG in secure mode. Most customers use this method of payment since it's now really safe and because the licence is delivered immediately.

However, if you can't or won't pay by credit card, you can either use the PayPal system or send us the money by wire transfer (see wiring instructions in that case).

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Can I have the product delivered on a CD?

No, sorry! This product is delivered electronically only. As soon as your licence is paid, you get a licence number and an activation key: this information allows you to download the product from our website.

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Can I purchase the product to a reseller in my country?

No, sorry. This product is exclusively sold directly by Synactis and distributed electronically.

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If I install the product on several development PCs, must I purchase several licences?

For 2 or 3 PCs, yes. For more computers, we offer a 10-Developer licence which will save you money.

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What are the limitations of the Trial version?

The trial version is fully functional. It just displays a warning window on each run and writes a demo watermark across pages.

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Do PDF In-The-Box or ALL In-The-Box  have a User interface?

PDF In-The-Box has no user interface, it has a programming interface only.

During the development process, ALL In-The-Box has no user interface either. However, at run-time, it does offer a document viewer to be integrated in your applications.

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Can DF In-The-Box or ALL In-The-Box load an existing PDF form and populate field values programmatically?

No, this is not the part of PDF In-The-Box. or ALL In-The-Box. They can create PDF forms but not load existing ones.

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Can this tool generate PDF files on a website?

Yes! PDF In-The-Box ActiveX can be installed on any Windows-based web server and generate PDF files in response to remote client requests. The PDF output will have to be encoded in VBScript, inside an ASP page.

An example is supplied with the product.

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Does PDF In-The-Box or ALL In-The-Box require specific skills or prerequisites?

PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box and just require that you master a programming language! Whichever you want. No specific knowledge is needed concerning the PDF format.

The programming interface has been designed in order to be as easy and pleasant to use as possible. In addition, both tools are delivered with a Tutorial project project, showing the main features in a didactic way.

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What about documentation?

PDF In-The-Box and ALL In-The-Box  include a comprehensive Programmer's Manual in the form of a CHM file. All programming symbols (methods, properties, events and various symbols) are fully documented in English with a lot of examples and hyperlinks.

The Programmer's Manual is included in the product, but it can be downloaded separately too.

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What about Technical Support?

Tech Support is available by e-mail ( It's operated by professional developers of the Synactis team.

This service is free and unlimited!

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