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REPORTMAKER: Giving a Shape to your Data
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REPORTMAKER is a powerful report generator for Developers. It allows them to generate all their screen, printer and file outputs. It can be used in cooperation with practically any DBMS and any development language.

A Powerful and User-friendly Report Editor

Developers need productivity! That's precisely what REPORTMAKER offers: in a few clicks the Design Wizard can generate a report such as an invoice document with body, header, footer and customer address. Different appearances can be obtained just by selecting visual models.

This draft document can then be enhanced using the Document editor and its design tools: thanks to dynamic alignments, this is fast and easy.

Plenty of features

REPORTMAKER supports all technologies needed to produce any report at your liking: business charts, images, rich texts, bar-codes, tables of contents, visual models, hyperlinks, calculation formulae, sub-reports, section management....

A multi-platform tool

Compatible with all SQL DBMSs

REPORTMAKER can connect to all relational DBMSs, using ADO, ODBC or BDE drivers. It also can retrieve data from text files or Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Numerous output formats

Reports can be displayed, printed, emailed, or exported to various formats (PDF, HTML...). Their data can also be saved to files (TXT, MS-Excel, XML...).

APIs available for all Windows development tools

REPORTMAKER offers tree equivalent programming interfaces based on ActiveX, VCL and DLL technologies: all Win32 development tools are supported.

The APIs allow to integrate reports into business applications and control output programmatically.

Companion tools

REPORTMAKER has got companions:

  •  REPORTRETOUCHER is a report-editing tool destinated to End-Users. It allows them to easily customize the appearance of reports provided by Developers, just by clicking on the document and editing properties.

  • DataSurfer Suite is a business intelligence tool compatible with REPORTMAKER. They share the same report format!

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