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What is V.A.T?

V.A.T. (Value-Added Tax) is a tax due by European customers (except for VAT-registered companies).

Case of online payments

Online payments are processed by our transaction manager, SWREG Digital River. They apply VAT at your local rate (supposing that you're located in the European Union).

If your company is VAT-registered, you just have to enter your company VAT registration number in order form so that VAT is not charged.

Case of wire transfer payments

Wire transfer payments must be directly sent to the Synactis account. VAT will charged at the French rate (19.6%), if applicable. It will apply in the following cases:

  • to all French customers
  • to non VAT-registered European customers.

Concerning VAT-registered European customers, V.A.T is not applicable. These customers must give us their VAT registration number.



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