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Wire transfer order

Wire transfer payment

If you can't or don't wish to pay by credit card, you may send your order to Synactis by e-mail to sales@synactis.com and send your payment by wire transfer (please ask Synactis for wiring instructions).

Please be aware that international wire transfers may need several days: if you want the product urgently, preferably order by credit card in the online store.

Amount due

The amount due is equal to list price displayed in the product's online store, plus possible additional charges:

  • transportation fee (if physical distribution is requested)
  • V.A.T., if applicable (what's that ?). If V.A.T. is due, you must add 19.6%.

Please note that the law of your country may request you to pay additional taxes or customs to the Customs services of your country. This is under your own responsibility.

Physical distribution

By default, we deliver electronic licences via e-mail. However, on your request, we can send you physical products. This apply only to REPORTMAKER and DataSurfer Suite. In that case, an additional transportation fee will be charged to you, depending on the destination:

  • France (metropolitan territory) : € 25.00 ex V.A.T.
  • European Union and Switzerland: € 65.00 ex V.A.T.
  • North America: € 85.00 ex V.A.T.
  • Other destinations : Ask Synactis.

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